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Liberty is a lovely 40ft Trad. Builder is unknown with an owner fit out. A Lister SR2 engine (the engine currently doesn't run) provides propulsion. Instant gas boiler supplies hot water. Electrics to include 12v, 1 starter & 3 leisure batteries. The galley offers space for a cooker. Within the bathroom you will find a cassette toilet along with a shower. 2 Berths made up of a sofa bed. Blacked 2019. A wonderful opportunity to get onto the waterways.

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  • £19950

Introducing Autumn Years, a beautifully crafted 62ft Trad narrowboat built by the renowned Braidbar. Featuring stunning engineered oak flooring throughout, this vessel combines elegance with practicality.

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  • £74950

Introducing Collusion, a 26ft centre cockpit motor cruiser built by Viking. With a canopy over the central cockpit which can easily be taken down for open air cruising. Propulsion is provided by an outboard Mercury 15hp petrol engine with easy access from the aft cabin. Hot water is supplied by a Rinnai Gas Boiler. Electrical systems comprising of a 12v, 240v landline, 1 starter & 1 leisure battery, a solar panel and a Photonic Universe dual battery solar... Read More

  • £9950

Get ready to embark on a journey aboard Pawprint, a delightful 40ft Cruiser crafted by P. Hudson. Powered by a Beta Marine engine coupled with a Hurth gearbox, this vessel promises smooth sailing on your waterway adventures.

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  • £37500

L’Anchois a cleverly designed 60ft by 12ft Widebeam Cruiser. Built by Collingwood with an owner fit out.  She has everything needed for continuous cruising or shore-based living. Widebeams by Collingwood are built to the highest of standards with all the necessary amenities you would find in a luxury apartment on land, making her comfortable and easy to transition from land to water.

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  • £129950

Meet Selene, a stunning 65ft by 12ft Widebeam boat, crafted by Collingwood. This boat boasts a sought-after reverse layout and is propelled by a Canaline 60hp engine, accompanied by a PRM 150 gearbox and a convenient bow thruster.

Selene offers a cozy and warm living environment, thanks to hot water provided by Calorifier/Immersion/Autoterm, central heating by Autoterm, and a charming Villager... Read More

  • £134950
A stunning 44ft Cruiser, crafted by East West and fitted out by Wilton Ruby, with bamboo flooring and panelling for a delightful ambiance and charm.
Powered by a Barrus Shire 35hp engine, Rosemary is equipped with a Calorifier/Webasto for hot water supply. The electrical setup includes a 12v, 240v system, Phoenix Victron 1kw inverter/charger, and one starter & one leisure battery which are of a large capacity. The galley is equipped with a Thetford Midi Prima... Read More
  • £42950
Looking for space? Look no further, The Grand Duke offers 8 berths including 2 Fixed Doubles which can be closed off into 2 separate bedrooms!  

The Grand Duke is a beautiful 62ft Semi-Trad, built by Longport Wharf. Propelled by a Beta Marine 43hp Engine and equipped with a Vetus Bow Thruster, this vessel is both elegant and efficient. Its electrical system includes a 12v, 240v landline, Sterling 1500w inverter/charger, 1 starter, 5 leisure... Read More

  • £74950

Feast your eyes on Blue Rondo, a striking 63ft by 11ft Widebeam Cruiser, built by Pinder, and boasting a popular reverse layout design.

With a mighty Barrus Shire 70hp engine, you'll be the captain of the waterways! Hot water flows from the Calorifier/Hurricane, while the Hurricane central heating keeps you toasty warm. For even more coziness, snuggle up by the Morso Squirrel solid fuel stove while enjoying the stunning views from... Read More

  • £79950

Meet "Me, You And A Dog Named Boo," a delightful 57ft Cruiser that promises adventure and comfort on the water. Crafted by Collingwood, this vessel is powered by a Canaline 38hp engine, coupled with a PRM 125 gearbox, and has tubes in place for the addition of a bow thruster, ensuring smooth sailing through serene canals or vibrant waterways.

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  • £64950

Introducing a wonderful 50ft Cruiser built by Liverpool Boats. Propulsion is provided via the Isuzu engine. With a Rinnai gas boiler and Morso Squirrel solid fuel stove onboard. Electrical systems comprising of 12v, 240v, 3kw inverter, 1 starter, 3 leisure batteries and a large solar panel. Within the kitchen you can find a Nordmende cooker (new 2023), retro style swan fridge and a galvanised sink trough. Accommodation of four berths is offered with a fixed double... Read More

  • £29950

Introducing Voyager 2, a fantastic 42ft by 12ft Centre cockpit motor cruiser built by Aquafibre. She benefits from a sliding canopy over the saloon which reduces the airdraft for low bridges and open-air cruising. Propulsion is provided by a BMC Marine 2.5 Engine. Hot Water is supplied by the Calorifier/Immersion and Central Heating via the Webasto Blow Air (3.9kw). Electrical systems comprising of a 12v, 240v landline, Victron Pure Sine Wave 3.5kw, 1 Starter, 3... Read More

  • £39950

Project boat: The boat requires a new base plate and side plates. Estimated cost for work £12,500.00. the vessel has been priced on the work required.

 Meet Tally, a lovely 42ft Cruiser built by Colecraft. Propulsion is provided by a Lister SR2 15hp engine. Hot water is supplied by a Morco gas boiler along with the benefit of having a solid fuel stove onboard. Electrical... Read More

  • £10950

You can go the distance with Hercules, an impressive 70ft by 12ft 3' Widebeam Cruiser built by Collingwood. The Abode design from Collingwood is built to a high specification with a wealth of appliances and finishing touches making her the perfect luxury home on the water.

Propulsion comes from a Canaline 60hp engine teamed with a PRM 150 gearbox and a Vetus 95kgf bow thruster, ensuring a... Read More

  • £182950

Introducing "De Donkere Dogg," a beautifully crafted Dutch Barge that brings the charm of the Netherlands to the waterways. At an impressive length of 62ft 6' and a width of 12ft 7', this barge is not just a vessel—it's a floating home designed for comfort, convenience, and adventure.

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  • £79950
Introducing Pooh Bear, a stunning 68ft by 12ft Aqualine Canterbury S presented in turn key condition. This beautiful vessel is powered by an upgraded Barrus Shire 70hp engine which has covered minimal hours, paired with a PRM 280 gearbox, and navigates effortlessly thanks to a Sidepower Bow Thruster. Hot water provided by the calorifier/ immersion/ Webasto system. The Webasto Pro 90 (9kw) also supplies the central heating, along with a Refleks diesel stove within the saloon. The... Read More
  • £184950