Narrowboat Handling Taster Day

Learn To Be A Skipper

Our Narrowboat Taster Day has been designed for up to two (2) persons who would like some training on a Narrowboat or Canal boat but who are not yet at the stage of having enough hands on experience or confidence to take the *RYA Helmsman qualification. You may be thinking of a narrowboat holiday and looking to hire a narrowboat for the week but lacking confidence. You may even be thinking of buying a narrowboat but have no idea what it is like to be ‘skipper’ of your own boat, the  Narrowboat Handling Taster Day will put your mind at ease, and give you a taster of the skills you are likely to need, making your future Narrowboating decisions a breeze.

Therefore, if you have no experience of handling a narrowboat/canal boat and would like to learn, this is certainly the ideal choice for you. We will teach you the basics, from tiller (steering) work, lock management, mooring, winding the boat (turning round), ropes etc.

£200.00 for two people.

RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman Course


The Royal Yachting Association (RYA), established in 1875, is the nationally recognised leading body for all boating and navigation courses. British waterways, who run our national waterways network, have a long standing commitment to training and safety matters.

Aim of the Helmsman Course

The aim of the Helmsman course is to teach and instruct both newcomers and the more experienced boater to the principles of better and safer boating on Inland waterways. On successful completion students will receive the *RYA’s Inland Waterways Helmsman’s Certificate, thus proving you are a safe and competent boater.

RYA Helmsman’s Course

This 2 day course is available through an RYA training centre. It is available on the first Monday and Tuesday of each month (April to the end of October), and also every second & fourth Friday and Saturday of every Month. The course is designed to provide students who have no previous experience suitable training designed to give confidence in handling a boat safely on the inland waterways.

£240.00 per person for a 2 day course

RYA ICC (International Certificate of Competence) Course

A one day course to gain a certificate of competency for European waterways

Cruising the inland waterways of Europe requires the International Certificate of CompetenceICC, and is also mandatory in some continental countries. The certificate is required for all British nationals, as evidence of competence on European waterways. So should you be intending to take a vessel onto European waterways you are going to need the RYA International Certificate of Competency (ICC).

This certificate must also be validated with a CEVNI test, this confirms your knowledge of all waterways rules and signs you are required to follow and have sound knowledge of.

The ICC is a practical and oral assessment, of which we can arrange for you (on our boat or your boat) and is a 1 day course. On completion of this course and that of the CEVNI, You will require a passport size photograph, the appropriate certificate and fee.

The ICC course syllabus includes:

  • Setting off
  • Leaving the mooring
  • Safety and Regulations
  • Man Overboard
  • 360 degree turn
  • Safe boating and mooring etc

Please call us on 01889 881960 to book your course with a qualified Helmsman…

The Team

* All the courses above are run by a third party company who are an RYA recognised training centre.