• Benefits of selling your boat through Nationwide Boat Sales

  • Why do I have to wait up to 7 days to receive my funds after the vessel has been handed over?

    We have a daily limit that can be transferred out of our clients trust account. This is set up by the bank for security reasons. This is standard practice for all bank accounts.

    For example: if our daily limit was £100,000.00 and we handed over 2 boats on the same day for £100,00.00 each, then the 2nd boat would not receive the funds until the second working day.

    Sometimes banks also put a hold on large transfers that have been paid into your bank account. Especially, if this is unusual activity regards your bank account. This again is for security reasons. The bank would contact you to discuss the funds before they give security clearance to release the funds. This could also mean a delay in the funds showing in your account. This is why we guarantee that you will receive the funds from our clients trust account within 7 working days.

    All of the above are for security reasons and are there to protect your money.

    We are sometimes asked when and which day will the funds be in your account? We are not able to confirm a date or day because of the above explanation and because we have no control over your or our bank.

    At Great Haywood Boat Sales we pride ourselves on offering an excellent range of services, after sales care and attention and value for money. We have lists of genuine buyers waiting to buy your boat.

    You now have an option to use one of the most successful brokers in the Country to sell your boat from a number of locations. We can also buy your boat.

    We will sell your boat.

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  • We treat all of our sellers the same regardless how much your boat is worth. We have no hidden charges or add on packages.
  • We will value your boat correctly and not tell you what you want to hear just to get you on our books.
  • Genuine buyers on our database waiting to buy boats.
  • Free mooring while your narrow boat is for sale on our brokerage moorings. (Subject to T&Cs **). You will also need to supply us with your insurance and Boat Safety Scheme Certificate (BSSC) before your vessel is moored on our brokerage moorings.
  • Your boat advertised in some of the leading monthly magazines.
  • Your boats own dedicated pages within our superb website.
  • Your boats own full colour brochure including multi exterior and interior photos.
  • 3d Virtual tours.
  • Video tours.
  • Quality photos.
  • All funds are paid into a customers Client Trust Account, which is separate from our business account so your money is protected. Your boat will not be handed over to the new owners until the funds have cleared in our Company Clients Trust Account. The seller will be paid within 7 working days after the handover. (Please see explanation detailed below.)
  • Accompanied viewings – we do not just give keys out to your boat to potential buyers. We accompany all viewings so we can answer any questions that a potential buyer may have and we sell the value of your boat.
  • We will only show potential buyers your boat if they are in a position to purchase, have the funds available and if it fits their criteria, budget, etc.
  • We sell most boats on the first, second or third viewings because we profile potential buyers to make sure that your vessel fits their criteria, budget, etc. It’s not about the quantity of viewings it’s about the quality of the viewings.
  • Prompt settlement after completion and handover of the vessel, within 7 working days. Payable from our clients trust account which is guaranteed funds. Please see the Clients Trust Account details on our web site.
  • We will take a part exchange against your boat.
  • We can settle any outstanding finance.
  • We specialise in selling inshore vessels Nationwide.
  • We have been operating for 21 years and we have sold 1000s of boats.

** Free brokerage moorings are available subject to availability and at Nationwide Boat Sales discretion. You will also need to supply us with your insurance and Boat Safety Scheme Certificate (BSSC) before your vessel is moored on our brokerage moorings.

Nationwide Boat Sales……

We have no premium packages or extra charges. As standard, we value and treat all of our sellers the same regardless how much your boat is worth…

We sell most boats on the first or second viewings. We don’t give out the keys to your boat and let 100s people walk through it. We profile buyers and all viewings are accompanied.

We can sell your boat from any location anywhere in the Country. You can either bring your boat to one of our nationwide secure brokerage moorings (subject to t&cs) or we can sell it from your home mooring. We can even sell your boat if you are living aboard.

We have been operating for 21 years and we sell in excess of 350 boats per annum. We are also members of the British Marine and we have to follow a strict code of practice. We have also set up a clients trust account which your monies will be paid into for your boat. This is a ring fenced protected account. This protects the buyers and the sellers monies until the transaction is complete.

We operate our brokerage service from marinas and their home moorings all over the country. This means that we have Nationwide potential buyers for your boat.

We are here to take the hassle and worry out of selling your vessel. Our fully trained staff work hard to sell your narrow boat, seven days a week.

All sales boats that are moored at one of our locations have a dedicated sales area where all our viewings are accompanied.

We have seen brokers undervaluing boats by £1000s and in some cases £10,000s.

There is no guide regards how to value a boat correctly. This comes from decades of experience of selling 1000s of boats. You need to sell with a broker that is not going to under value your boat or to over value it and then not able to sell it. This could cost you tens of thousands of pounds if your vessel is undervalued and months of frustration if its not sold because the valuation is not correct. We will not overvalue your vessel to get you on our books and to make us look busy. Every boat is bespoke and therefor the value and price differs. Sell via our excellent brokerage because we have decades of experience.

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