We don’t like using the word commission. We prefer to look at it as investment fees. You are investing in us to return you as much as possible for your boat with no stress or hassle.

The most important financial factor to a seller should be how much money you receive after your brokerage fees have been deducted. Not focus on how cheap the commission rate is.

Cheap rates normally equal lowers service levels and less money returned for your boat.

That’s because the brokers need to sell far more boats to earn the same money. This could mean less time and focus on your boat from the broker and more hassle and stress for you.

Always remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”.

We have no upfront fees, hidden packages or add ons, which means we only get paid once we sell your boat. Therefore, we are fully incentivised to sell your boat as quickly as possible and to obtain the highest sales price for you.

We don’t own workshops, pubs, cafes, hotels, campsites, chandlerys, caravan parks, boat yards. We do what it says on the tin. We focus and specialise in selling boats nationwide.

Because we sell boats nationwide and not from one or two locations we have more boats for sale than any other broker. This means more options of boats for sale for our buyers and more buyers for our sellers. Our business model is unique and it has a 21year proven pedigree behind it.

We are a family owned and run business who have been boat owners for many years. We still have our own boat today. Basically, We know what we are talking about.

Our investment fees as standard include: (No hidden charges or costs for additional services)

  • Professional photos
  • 6 months free secure brokerage moorings available nationwide (subject to t&cs & availability)
  • Free use of trade licence plates (subject to t&cs and availability)
  • 3D virtual tour
  • Professional photography
  • We profile prospective purchasers to help get the right buyer to look at your boat.
  • We talk any potential buyers through the 3d tour before the viewing to ensure this is the boat for them.
  • We ensure that any potential buyers have the funds available and can complete in 4 weeks
  • We manage the sale from the viewing through to completion.
  • We would manage any renegotiations after any surveys to ensure you receive the best financial return for your boat.
  • *Coverage on our modern web site, social media, national magazines.
  • A proactive and professional sales team who work hard to sell your boat
  • You will have a dedicated sales person manage your sale from deposit to completion
  • *Accompanied viewings
  • *Brokerage moorings available nationwide
  • Client trust account to protect buyers and sellers funds
  • Members of the British Marine and follow a strict code of practice
  • The latest technology regards esign documents which also helps to reduce the global carbon footprint
  • Lists of genuine buyers nationwide waiting to buy boats
  • You are investing in the most successful broker in the country
  • We can sell your boat from anywhere in the country regardless of where you are moored
  • We can sell your boat if you are living aboard
  • We can sell your boat if you are moored in a marina that we do not operate from
  • Minimum effort from you and maximum returns to you

*Subject to T&Cs


Would you want to use a broker who:

  • Charges you extra money for additional services which we offer as standard
  • Just gives out keys to your boat?
  • Do not profile potential buyers
  • Does not accompany viewings on your boat?
  • Has no knowledge of boats?
  • Allows any member of staff who is available to show potential buyers your boat with no knowledge or experience of boats
  • Lets 100s of people walk through your boat but don’t sell it?
  • Present low offers to you for your boat because they have not sold the value of it?
  • Does not renegotiate a fair price for your boat after a survey has been carried out?
  • Under values your boat? This could cost you £1000s
  • We see brokers under valuing boats by thousands of pounds and in some cases £10,000s
  • Over values your boat? Your boat won’t sell. We are seeing boats being valued by brokers for £1000s and even £10,000s more than they are worth.
  • Does not offer the latest 3d tour technology
  • Does not take professional photos
  • Does not have a dedicated professional sales team to sell your boat nationwide
  • Over values your boat to get you on their books
  • Re-Lists old stock that they cant sell to make them look busy.

If you want a broker who delivers the best return for your boat, hassle and stress free then give our team a call 01889 881960.