We are the No 1 Nationwide Boat Sales Specialist and we have been operating for 21 years. We sell in excess of 350 boats per annum. We have more boats for sale than any other broker because we have boats for sale nationwide and not in just a few locations. This means more boats available for buyers nationwide.

Buy your boat from a broker who is experienced in valuing boats. Over the last 18 months we have seen boats being advertised for £1000s and in some cases £10,000s more than they are worth. You could lose £1000s if you are paying too much for a boat because it has been overvalued and overpriced.

There is no guide on how to value a boat. You have to learn from years and years of valuing and selling boats. The values are also constantly changing. We sell more boats than any other broker and that’s how our experienced valuers know how to value boats correctly based on the daily ever changing economic climate.

If you buy through Great Haywood Boat Sales Ltd you are buying from an accredited broker. We are members of the British Marine and we have to follow a strict code of practice.

Why should I buy a boat from Nationwide Boat Sales?

Clients Trust Account

We have a Clients Trust Account in place for all of our customers money. We have had this set up from day one to protect our customers money. This account is a secure holding account. We pay the seller monies due from this account after the buyer has signed to accept the vessel. 

Consultancy Service

If you are unsure of what you are looking for, or are just starting the process of looking to buy a boat we offer a consultancy service where you can make an appointment with one of our team to ask any question you may have about boating. We can discuss the process of buying a boat and work with you to find out your requirements so that once you have fund in place we can find you a boat. 

Dedicated Team Member

You will have a dedicated team member to steer you though your boat purchase to make it a stress free, pleasurable purchase. One of our fully trained team will be on hand every step of the way from you paying an initial deposit on a boat to signing to accept the boat and handing over keys. 

Your Boating Requirements

We take the time to listen to your boating requirements. We will work with you to establish what type of boat you are looking for, how much you want to spend and when you are looking to purchase your boat. Once you have your funds in place one of our team will work with you to find you your ideal boat. 

Open 7 Days A Week

We are open 7 days a week for appointments for our customers. We do ask you to call us 01889 881960 to make an appointment so we can spend quality time with you and to make sure the boat(s) you are interested in are still available. 

Accompanied Viewings

Our team will accompany you on your appointment to view a boat so we are on hand to answer any questions that you may have and discuss the next stage of the buying process with you. We are able to accompany you on a viewing 7 days a week. 

Finding a Boat

Finding a boat to meet your requirements can prove frustrating and very time consuming. Apart from a house this will probably be one of the biggest financial commitments that you will ever make. Therefore,  it is important that you make the right decision when buying a boat. We can spend quality time with you to discuss your needs and then arrange to show you the vessels that fit your criteria, requirements and budget. It is important that you have your funds in place or your finance approved before you view any boats that we have for sale as they may not be available by the time you have arranged your funds or got your finance approved.

If you need to sell your house or are awaiting finance then we will work with you until your funds are in place and we can then show you suitable vessels that fit your budget and criteria.This will also put you in a much stronger position when buying a boat. It will also avoid any disapointment if the vessel you wanted to buy had been sold whilst you were trying to sell your house or arranging your funds or finance.

We always recommend that you contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements so we can spend quality time with you. We will always try to accommodate you if you have not booked an appointment but its always best if you contact us to book an appointment so one of our sales team can spend quality time with you. We have many boats for sale at marinas and their home moorings all over the country. This means we have more boats for sale and you have more options and choices. All viewings are accompanied so we can answer any questions that you may have. Many sellers choose us to sell their boat because we don’t just hand out keys to their pride and joy and many buyers choose us because of this process. We will also ask you a few questions to ascertain exactly what type of boat that you are looking for because we may have another suitable boat for you that we have just signed up on brokerage that you would not be aware of.

We sell boats from several marinas and from their home moorings all over the country. These boats could be situated in a 300 mile radius. Sometimes potential buyers may have a list of several boats that they want to view that are all totally different regarding layout, length, price, engine type, port hole windows, square windows, etc. This could mean 100 miles of you traveling and viewing boats that are not what you are looking for. This would waist hours, days, weeks of your valued time. Our team will spend time with you to work out exactly which boats fit your criteria, budget, needs, layout, style, heating systems, electrical set up, etc. We will then show you the boats that best suit your needs, budget, criteria. In excess of 350 buyers per annum buy through our excellent brokerage service based on our quality of service. We are like a consultant and we spend time with our buyers to work with them to find their dream boat.

If you view any boats that we have for sale we will need your name and address for insurance purposes and a contact number incase the boat that you want to view is offsite or it had been sold before you had viewed the vessel. We would not want you to have a wasted journey.

We value our boats correctly so you will get value for money.

  • We sell boats all over the country, we operate from several marinas, which have all your boating requirments and facilaties at one location. We also sell boats from their home moorings all over the Country.
  • You can browse through the large selection of boats for sale on our website, if you then call us we can let you know the location of the vessels and arrange a viewing for you. If we have not got the boat that suits your requirements then our team will endeavour to find the ideal boat for you.
  • We can offer you a mooring for your new boat at a number of marinas.
  • We have new boats arriving daily so please contact us to discuss your requirements. Unlike with a car, you buy a boat based on its condition, the quality of the hull and the interior - not its age.
  • Our team are available to offer friendly advice on purchasing a Narrow Boat. We offer assistance from price negotiations through to surveys and even planning your first trip.
  • If required we also offer tuition with your new boat from steering your boat to handling your first lock.
  • We also have facilities to carry out Surveys before buying a boat and a workshop with qualified and experienced Engineers.

Are you looking to buy a boat?

We can help! Get in touch to speak with one of our sales team!

Please contact us before setting out.

We ask you to call us on 01889 881960 before setting out to ensure that the boats that you want to view are still available and of their locations.

We do not put Sold on our boat page listing until the sale has been completed. This is done to ensure that we do not lose any potential interest in the vessel should a sale not complete. If, for example, we did this and 4 weeks later a sale did not complete we would of lost 4 weeks of potential interest and sales in the vessel. If you enquire about a vessel that we have taken a deposit on then we will take your details and contact you if for whatever reason the sale does not complete.

We sell boats from several marinas and from their home moorings which could be anywhere in the Country. We want to help and guide you through the buying process from start to finish. We want to spend quality time with you to assertain exactly what type of boat you are looking for and this can be acheived if you telephone us on 01889 881960 or we can book an appontment for you to discuss your requirments with a member of our team. Its important that you have the funds in place before you view any boats as the majority of boats are bespoke and they more than likely will not be available in a few weeks or months.

We have decades of experience and we can provide all your requirements from start to finish.