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Brand New, Bespoke Hand built Semi Trad Introducing UnNamed, a stunning bespoke, hand built 58.5ft Semi Trad. Skilfully combining rich traditional features like portholes and a pigeon box with a modern and luxurious interior. Let’s take a look at the spec:
  • 10/6/5/4 steel construction
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  • £129950

Introducing Rallentando, a wonderful 60ft Trad built by R & D Fabrications with an owner fit out in 1996. Propulsion is provided by a BMC 1.5 engine with PRM gearbox. How water is supplied by a Calorifier and central heating from the back boiler along with a Morso Squirrell solid fuel stove. Electrical systems comprising of a 12v, 240v, 600w inverter, 1 starter and 3 leisure batteries along with a solar panel. Within the galley we find a Stoves Newhome cooker... Read More

  • £39950

Presenting Old Toby, a charming 42ft Cruiser crafted by Eastwood Engineering, featuring a popular reverse layout design. Powered by a BMC 1.8 engine for smooth navigation. Enjoy hot water from the Morco gas boiler and stay cozy with a solid fuel stove. The electrical setup includes 12v, 240v, inverter, 1 starter & 2 leisure batteries. Accommodating four berths, it offers a fixed double bed and a convertible dinette/seating area at the bow. The bathroom includes... Read More

  • £29950

Introducing Severn Belle, a 35ft 'Glen L' designed Union Jack steel Tug Trawler Yacht. The vessel cruises at a steady 6.5kts with a top speed of 7.5kts. Although she’s berthed on the Gloucester and Sharpness canal, she’s a very capable sea going vessel having deep bulwarks along with wide and high rails. Propulsion is provided by a Beta Marine 75hp engine, which is located below the large wheelhouse, a PRM gearbox and aided by a Vetus 75KGF bow thruster. Hot... Read More

  • £37950

Here we have Hermanos, a 36ft Cruiser built by Springer. With a Lister SR2 engine to provide propulsion. Hot water will be supplied by a Morco Gas Boiler which is yet to be fitted. Solid fuel stove located within the saloon. Brand New electrical systems comprising of a 12v, 240v landline, 5kw inverter, 1 starter & 4 leisure batteries. Within the galley area we can find a 2 burner hob with glass cover. The bathroom offers a Thetford Cassette toilet, vanity basin... Read More

  • £19950
Introducing The Lady Galadriel, a 54ft cruiser crafted by Springer with an interior by Westview Marine Services. It is powered by a Beta Marine 38hp engine and features hot water from a Calorifier/ Immersion/ Kabola system. The boat is equipped with Kabola central heating and a cozy solid fuel stove in the saloon. Electrical systems include 12v, 240v, Sterling Pro Power Inverter, standalone Honda 7kva Generator, as well as 1... Read More
  • £31950
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Introducing Tapestry, a 45ft Cruiser crafted by Liverpool Boats. The propulsion is powered by a BMC engine, with hot water supplied by a calorifier and heating from a Thurscroft Calor gas fire. The electrical setup includes a 12v, 240v system, Sterling Combi S Inverter, 1 Starter & 4 Leisure batteries. Additionally, Tapestry features a standalone Honda EU 301 generator, Sunshine solar auto 7-stage battery charger, and an omni-directional receiver & router... Read More

  • £34750
Introducing The Stern Lady, a magnificent brand new 60ft Semi-Trad built from a Tim Tyler shell and completed to a high standard throughout by the owner.With propulsion provided by the Canaline 42hp engine and PRM 150 gearbox cruising the waterways is a breeze. Hot water via the calorifier/immersion/Webasto with central heating from the Webasto system teamed with the Warrior stove located within the saloon. Electrical systems onboard comprising of 12v, 240v, Renogy 3kw inverter charger, 1... Read More
  • £119950

Presenting Mickeys Dream, a delightful 62ft Traditional stern narrowboat crafted by Dave Thomas. This boat showcases the classic allure of a boatman’s cabin and an engine room that houses the Perkins 46hp engine.

To ensure comfort, hot water is provided by the calorifier/immersion/Alde system, while central heating from the Alde and the Morso Squirriel stove in the saloon, along with the boatman stove in the stern, keep the boat... Read More

  • £49950
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Introducing Florentia, a much loved 30ft Cruiser. Built by Springer.

Maximising on space with the square back cruiser stern. Propulsion is provided by a Beta Marine 15hp Engine. Hot water is supplied via the calorifier, and we can find a solid fuel stove onboard. Electrical systems comprising of 12v, 1 starter & 2 leisure batteries. Within the galley we find a Flavel Vanessa cooker with 2 burner hob and an Electrolux fridge.... Read More

  • £14950
A stunning 44ft Cruiser, crafted by East West and fitted out by Wilton Ruby, with bamboo flooring and panelling for a delightful ambiance and charm.
Powered by a Barrus Shire 35hp engine, Rosemary is equipped with a Calorifier/Webasto for hot water supply. The electrical setup includes a 12v, 240v system, Phoenix Victron 1kw inverter/charger, and one starter & one leisure battery which are of a large capacity. The galley is equipped with a Thetford Midi Prima... Read More
  • £42950

Get ready to set sail on Pawprint, a charming 40ft Cruiser crafted by P. Hudson. With propulsion provided by a Beta Marine engine with Hurth gear box. Hot Water on board is supplied from the calorifier and the Boatman solid fuel stove provides heating throughout. Electrical systems onboard comprising of a 12v, 240v, Sterling Pro Combi S inverter, 1 starter & 3 Leisure batteries with the addition of a solar panel. In the galley, you'll discover a handy cooker and... Read More

  • £39950

Get ready to set sail on Ghost Dancer, a 62ft Trad boat built by Gallimore Boats in 2007. This beauty was named after Native American culture and boasts a ton of room with stunning craftsmanship and top-notch finishes.

Powering this vessel is a mighty Yanmar Barrus Shire 50hp engine and a Vetus Bow Thruster to make manoeuvring a breeze. To keep things toasty, you can snuggle up to the Morso Squirrel solid fuel stove in the... Read More

  • £79950

L’Anchois a cleverly designed 60ft by 12ft Widebeam Cruiser. Built by Collingwood with an owner fit out.  She has everything needed for continuous cruising or shore-based living. Widebeams by Collingwood are built to the highest of standards with all the necessary amenities you would find in a luxury apartment on land, making her comfortable and easy to transition from land to water.

Let’s look at the specs, propulsion is... Read More

  • £129950

Introducing Maybel, a magnificent 58ft Traditional boat crafted by Heron Boat Builders. It is powered by an Isuzu 42hp engine and a BCS 55kgf Bow thruster. The boat features hot water from a Calorifier/Webasto, central heating via the Webasto system, and an electrical setup including a 12v, 240v, Sterling Pure Sine Wave Inverter, starter, leisure, and bow thruster batteries, as well as a Sterling... Read More

  • £64950

Bonneville Shadow a beautiful 45ft Trad built by Dave Clarke with an owner fit out. Propulsion is provided by a BMC 1.8 42hp engine and PRM gearbox. Hot water is supplied by a Calorifier. There is a Hamlet solid fuel stove in the saloon. Electrical systems comprising of a 12v, 240v landline, a 2kw inverter, a galvanic isolator, 1 starter & 3 leisure batteries. Accommodation of 2 berths is offered with a fixed double bed to the stern and potential for the... Read More

  • £37950