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Meet Lily, a stunning 70ft traditional narrowboat that blends classic charm with contemporary living. Crafted by a former employee of R.W Davis and Sons, Lily is a masterpiece on water, offering the allure of a boatman’s cabin and engine room, paired with modern comforts and conveniences.

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  • £109950

Introducing Autumn Years, a beautifully crafted 62ft Trad narrowboat built by the renowned Braidbar. Featuring stunning engineered oak flooring throughout, this vessel combines elegance with practicality.

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  • £74950
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Tom Bombadil, a 57ft traditional narrowboat crafted by Orchard Marine, is equipped with an Isuzu 35hp engine. The boat features a calorifier/immersion/Webasto system for hot water, while central heating is provided by Webasto and a solid fuel stove in the saloon. Its electrical setup includes a 12v system, 240v landline, Victron Phoenix 3kw inverter/charger, Sterling power management system, solar panels, and 1 starter with 4 leisure batteries. In the galley, you'll... Read More

  • £52950

Deliverance is a 59ft Trad built by Pinder & fitted out by Lockhart Marine. Hot water is supplied by a Calorifier/ Immersion. Central heating is supplied by a Autoterm Binner 5 diesel heater with mobile phone controller. There is a Hamlet solid fuel stove in the saloon. A Beta 43hp engine provides the propulsion. Twin alternators. Electrics include: 240v landline, a Victron Multiplus 2500 inverter, a 355w solar panel, 1 starter & 3 leisure batteries. 4 berth... Read More

  • £54950

Liberty is a lovely 40ft Trad. Builder is unknown with an owner fit out. A Lister SR2 engine (the engine currently doesn't run) provides propulsion. Instant gas boiler supplies hot water. Electrics to include 12v, 1 starter & 3 leisure batteries. The galley offers space for a cooker. Within the bathroom you will find a cassette toilet along with a shower. 2 Berths made up of a sofa bed. Blacked 2019. A wonderful opportunity to get onto the waterways.

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  • £19950

Introducing Maybel, a magnificent 58ft Traditional boat crafted by Heron Boat Builders. It is powered by an Isuzu 42hp engine and a BCS 55kgf Bow thruster. The boat features hot water from a Calorifier/Webasto, central heating via the Webasto system, and an electrical setup including a 12v, 240v, Sterling Pure Sine Wave Inverter, starter, leisure, and bow thruster batteries, as well as a Sterling... Read More

  • £59950

Introducing Rallentando, a wonderful 60ft Trad built by R & D Fabrications with an owner fit out in 1996. Propulsion is provided by a BMC 1.5 engine with PRM gearbox. How water is supplied by a Calorifier and central heating from the back boiler along with a Morso Squirrell solid fuel stove. Electrical systems comprising of a 12v, 240v, 600w inverter, 1 starter and 3 leisure batteries along with a solar panel. Within the galley we find a Stoves Newhome cooker... Read More

  • £39950
Introducing The Lady Galadriel, a 54ft cruiser crafted by Springer with an interior by Westview Marine Services. It is powered by a Beta Marine 38hp engine and features hot water from a Calorifier/ Immersion/ Kabola system. The boat is equipped with Kabola central heating and a cozy solid fuel stove in the saloon. Electrical systems include 12v, 240v, Sterling Pro Power Inverter, standalone Honda 7kva Generator, as well as 1... Read More
  • £31950

Introducing Carpe Diem, a charming 57ft Trad crafted by Hixon boat builders from a Cheshire sail away. Propelled by a Beta Marine 38hp engine, this boat packs a punch. Although the central heating requires attention, the Aarrow solid fuel stove will keep you warm and toasty. It features an electrical system consisting of 12v, 240v landline, Nikkai 800w inverter, 1 starter & 3 leisure batteries (new), 2 solar panels, and a galvanic isolator. The galley is... Read More

  • £44950

Presenting Mickeys Dream, a delightful 62ft Traditional stern narrowboat crafted by Dave Thomas. This boat showcases the classic allure of a boatman’s cabin and an engine room that houses the Perkins 46hp engine.

To ensure comfort, hot water is provided by the calorifier/immersion/Alde system, while central heating from the Alde and the Morso Squirriel stove in the saloon, along with the boatman stove in the stern, keep the boat... Read More

  • £47950

Welcome aboard "Shakespeare," a remarkable 69ft 6' Trad style narrowboat, crafted by Les Allen. As you journey beyond the charming Boatman's Cabin and delve into the engine room, the heart of this vessel reveals itself through a Russell Newbery DM2 18hp engine, combining classic engineering with reliable performance.

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  • £74950