I have recently purchased a fantastic boat from Great Haywood Boat Sales. I am a construction worker, so go all over the UK and had the idea to use a narrow boat as “digs” for 4 nights a week. Not knowing too much, I called in and spoke to the friendly staff, who were very helpful and not pushy, just giving honest opinion about the prospect of living aboard, costs etc.I gave the information some thought and then at a later date, advised them of what sort of thing I was after. I looked at a few boats, there and at other brokers in the Midlands, and was fortunate enough to have Great Haywood contact me as a boat “just in” met my budget, size, expectations etc. The viewing confirmed it was the boat for me, a deal was struck and the process of surveying engaged. The surveyor is one recommended by a number of brokers in the area, and he did a fantastic and thorough job. The sale then completed very quickly. The staff were in continuous communication and at one point even allowed access to me and the other half (Finance Minister) prior to completion on a day off, at short notice. All in all, I am very pleased with the whole experience from Great Haywood and would recommend them. They are very much an estate agent for boats, they can only sell what they have on behalf of owners and are reliant on the original information being provided to them. During “post sale” they been continuingly helpful with requests for information regarding the boat, documentation etc. A first class service.