Deposits will be refunded subject to survey by a qualified surveyor if:

  • There are any major defects found with the hull or the engine exceeding 5% of the purchase price of the vessel (this does not include general maintenance e.g. blacking, engine service). The broker should be supplied with a full copy of the survey in order for a deposit to be returned based on the above clause.

Deposits will not be refunded if:

  • You have not requested a survey and you decide that you do not want to continue with the purchase of the vessel.
  • You have requested a survey but the survey has not been completed.


  • In the event of rescission by the Purchaser under the terms of this Agreement he/she, shall, at his/her own expense reinstate the Vessel to the condition and position in which he/she found it and shall pay all yard and surveyor’s charges for this work.
  • Completion is expected within four weeks of receiving your deposit unless a time scale had been otherwise agreed in writing by Nationwide Boat Sales.
  • If the buyer requests a survey, a payment of £399.00 (inc VAT) to lift the vessel out of the water is required before the vessel is handed over if the vessel is surveyed at Fradley Marina. Payable to’ Nationwide Boat Sales’. If a vessel is lifted out of the water at another marina then payment will need to be made directly to the relevant marina before the survey.
  • Final payments for a vessel will need to be made by electronic transfer (e.g. CHAPS / BACS transfer) or cheque into the companies Clients Trust Account. Payment shall be deemed to have been made once cleared funds have been received.
  • Deposit payments can be made by card and it is agreed that these payments are irrevocable.